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About Us

Telegrams are a communication thing.

Communications are all about people and at the Telegram Office, our people are our greatest asset.

 As a small, dedicated,  highly motivated and  professional team, we  take pride in our work and  in the tradition we  continue. Telegram staff  from as far back as 1848,  were the first ever on-line  community, and now that  the whole community is on-line, Telegrams are making a comeback.

We're proud of our first class Telegram service. Last year alone, we sent over 2 million UK Telegrams, and handled millions more International Telegrams, Telex and Fax messages connecting people all over the world.

Nothing makes an impact like a telegram.

Your important or urgent message is of priority importance to us, so you can trust us to make your message make impact,
first time - every time!